CNPH needs you!


5th Christmas Toy Fair

Also known as Christmas Toy Con, they are back again to bring the biggest and 
grandest toy event and convention this holiday season.

December 17-19, 2010at the Megatrade Hall 1, 5th level, Mega B, SM Megamall 10am-10pm.
Its a 3 day of toy bazaar, live toy auctions, collectibles treasure hunt,
annual grand sale and bargains, Christmas cosplay and parade, charity
toy drive project, and Christmas shopping.

With special participation of Mommy Mundoand Event partner Anime Alliance Philippines and RPG: Metanoia movie

Live auctions – Dec 17-19
Christmas cosplay – Dec 18, registration at 10am-2pm, parade starts at 2pm. Add some Christmas theme to your costume
toy donation drive – Dec 17-19 
for more info and inquiries, email them at or message us at 
there website


Male Cosplayer of the Month

Name: Philippe Ivan Parero
CosName: Yuuki Noyama / Ivan Erudon
Age: 17
Bday: Jun 30 1993
School: UE (University of the East) Recto
Course: Broadcast Communication
Year. 1st year (freshman)
Likes: a certain cosplayer(Jazminne Huang, wag lang i post to ha xD), Friends, Cosplay, Anime, Music.
Dislikes: Bashers, People with ego issues
Future Cosplay: Ronan Erudon The Aegis Knight
Cosplay History:
-Los Illuminados Zealot - HeroNation
-Ronan (incomplete Ver.) - ToyCon
-Minato Namikaze - I Ai Anime
-Asuma Sarutobi - Cosplay Mania X
Affiliations: CNPH, NCPH, Noyama Family (uncreated)
Cosplay means: To be yourself and to follow your passion
What makes you interested in cosplay : The fact that I can be myself and no one will call me a freak for it.


Female Cosplayer of the Month

Name : Mary Rose Tribiana
Cosplay Name: Chibi Hime
Age: 4 years old
Birthday: September 6, 2010
Cosplay means: having fun, meeting new friends.
Likes: pink stuffs, mickey mouse, coloring books, drawing, watching playhouse disney, naruto, barbie, nintendo ds, sakura, pocky, icecream, anime, cosplay, singing, etc..
Affiliations: Hnk CosplayGrup (Hatsu No Kitai) ,Otaku Urule,Naruto Cosplayers

Cosplay History: July 11, 2010~I Ai Anime, SM Megamall - HINA ICHIGO

August 14, 2010~Cyberzone Cosplay Tour, SM Fairview - HINA ICHIGO

August 22, 2010~Metro Comic Convention, SM Megamall - SAKURA HARUNO

August 28, 2010~Riverbanks Center Cosplay, Marikina - SAKURA HARUNO

August 28, 2010~Cyberzone Cosplay Tour Grand Finals, SM Megamall - SAKURA HARUNO

September 19, 2010~Best of Anime, SMX Convention Center - HARUHI SUZUMIYA

September 25, 2010~Cosplay Tournament of Champions, SM Manila-MOKA (outer) (Rosario+Vampire)

October 2, 2010~Cosplay Mania X, SMX Convention Center - NURSE MIKU HATSUNE

October 3, 2010~Cosplay Mania X, SMX Convention Center - YUI of ANGEL BEATS

October 10, 2010~Otaku Expo Reload, SM MEgamall, Megatrade Hall 1 - DECORA KEI COSTRIP

October 23, 2010~HERO FACE-OFF, SM North Edsa, Skydome - FLANDRE SCARLET of The Touhou Project

November 6, 2010~UP AME Track 10, SMX Convention Center, Hall 2 - ICHIGO MOMOMIYA of Tokyo Mew Mew

December 5, 2010~ Cosplay Fever, BlueWave Pasay City - Sakura of Naruto


Convention Tips

To Bring:

- Always bring water and/or juice and/or gatorade or any other alternative for re-hydration purposes. Soft drinks is not recommended because it has lesser amount of water in them.

-Band aids for untoward cut incidents. and or wounds. You can always slip in about 2-5 pieces of them in your wallets.  You dont wanna be this guy -->[image]

-Gym-sized towels, to wipe that outpouring sweat from your body.. its size could wipe the sweat from your face, torso, back, and even your legs..

-Pocket-reach-foods, coz you'll never know when hunger strikes. for example biscuits [image] and or your favorite candy. for "pantawid gutom" moments.

-Extra medicine, for any ill moments like paracetamol(Biogesic) -> for fever, loperamide(Diatabs) -> for LBM, aluminum hydroxide magnesium hydroxide simethicon(Kremil-S) -> for Hyperacidity

To Dos:

-Eat a full meal before going to the event location for you not to get hungry few hours in the event..

-Drink vitamins, vit.C and/or multivitamins.. for you to establish a good immune system.. because mere talking to other cosplayers and people would get you ill.. note: if you're going to do this for the first time, consult your doctor prior to taking.. to know what is suitable for your body..

-Use the comfort room if you need to, if you have the urge then go no need to hold it in because it'll suck if you had an accident in the event right??

-Pray for you to have a good day a the event. It helps A LOT!!

-Do interact with people, its a good way to relieve stress, communicate, and meeting other people..

*credits goes to Luke Oliveros Caayao

Cosplay means...

What is Cosplay? What does it really mean? How does it end up being one of the famous hobby among teenagers nowadays? Below are the most popular meanings of Cosplay from various sites.

Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure), short for "costume play", is a type of performance art in which participants don costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. Favorite sources include manga, anime, tokusatsu, comic books, graphic novels, video games, hentai and fantasy movies.Role play includes portrayals of J-pop and J-rock stars, Taiwanese puppet characters, science fiction characters, characters from musical stories, classic novels, and entertainment software. Any entity from the real or virtual world that lends itself to dramatic interpretation may be taken up as a subject. Inanimate objects are given anthropomorphic forms and it is not unusual to see genders switched, with women playing male roles and vice versa. -Wikipedia 

Cosplay (ポケモン - lit. meaning "Pokemon") is the modern Japanese and American art of dressing up as slightly fatter and vastly less convincing versions of the characters from already highly unbelievable films, anime, video games, manga, tales or even some real things in the world when the vivid imagination goes on vacation as brain cells get put to more valid uses, such as homework or meeting accounts due-dates. The vast majority of costumed and wigged pretenders believe dressing up gives them the powers, beauty or even brains of the said character. In truth, others left in suits, streetwear, or even ball gowns find such a belief to be on this side of pathetic. -Uncyclopedia

But before everything else let us define some terms that you'll be reading throughout this blog. First is the "Otaku"  , according to Wikipedia it is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime,manga, or video games.Most commonly convention goers are most likely otakus. Second is "Cosplayer", people who do cosplaying are the ones called Cosplayer. They are the one giving life to an anime, drama or video game characters. Last is the "Anime Convention", when we say convention we mean a large gathering of people who share a common interest. Most Anime Conventions are held in SM Mall of Asia (MOA), Mega Trade Hall (SM Megamall) and SM Cyberzone (SM Supermalls).

Cosplay short for Costume Play, generally means dressing up as an anime character or whatever you feel like portraying but as an anime enthusiasts, an otaku, a cosplayer and a con-goer Cosplay simply means expressing oneself through the use of portraying there favorite character or the one they can see their self to. Cosplay means doing something/someone you love and sharing it with others.