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PUP Otaku Experience

From the Organizer:

The PUP Otaku Xperience or OXP is a musical variety show aimed to reach out student and non-student fans of anime and Japanese pop culture. The event functions also as the debut of the Otaku U Rule! A Japanese oriented youth development organization.
The 3 hour show will feature the various talents of the current members of the organization through song and dance number.

The Main attraction of the OXP is the individual cosplay presentation otherwise known as Cosplay Catwalk and JFashion ramp modeling by the PUP Runway top models. Some of the other activities include the KPOP Dance Showdown and the different band JRock Band Performances.

Many prizes wait to everybody. This is event is free for everyone.

Note: For students / guest from outside the universities just contact us so you can be included in the guest list.

For more information please visit:


Female Cosplayer of the Month (February)

Cosplay as we all know is a type of performance art in which people do costumes and accessories to represent a character or an idea. It’s as simple as dressing up, only you dress up as your favorite anime or any character on your favorite game. We caught up with one of the famous ones–a woman known only as MJ and asked her about cosplay.

Rae: Who/what are you in real life?
MJ: Student, Otaku, Gamer, Cosplayer, limited edition of GOD works.

Rae: What name(s) do you do cosplay under?
MJ: I want to be called in my real name: MJ

Rae: What does cosplay mean to you?
MJ: Cosplaying - is expressing my passion from being an Anime enthusiast.

Rae: Why do you cosplay?
MJ: To express my favorite character and make it alive by me.

Rae: How long have you been doing cosplay?
MJ: One year.

Rae: How did you get interested in it?
MJ: first I’m an attendee like the other. Attend cons, takes picture then one time I realize what if I’m one of them? What would it feel if I’m wearing my favorite anime character? Then I planned and get started.

Rae: What conventions do you go to?
MJ: Anime Conventions

Rae: What's attractive to you about these conventions?
MJ: Co- cosplayers! I really love to see my friends with same interest and passion like me.

Rae: What is your favorite character to cosplay?  Or these characters if more than one?
MJ: Mokou and Ouerba Fang

Rae: What inspired you to cosplay this character?  Or these characters if more than one?
MJ: Because it has an attitude like mine...

Rae: Why do you feel it is important to take your fondness for a character/ or series to so far?
MJ: For me to make it feel like it also exist literally on earth.

Rae: What's the source (manga/anime/whatnot) of this character?  Or these characters if more than one?
MJ: Anime.

Rae: Are you influenced by the game(s) you play?
MJ: Yes!

Rae: What character or characters has been most challenging to cosplay?  Why?
  • "Mokou", cause watching the ribbon from being on it place is something to remember.
  • "FAng" making the tattoo and hair is really time consuming.
  • "Maya Natsume" always walks slowly because the floor is slippery.
Rae:  Could you tell us a little about how you make your costumes?
MJ:  Find the best and the cheapest tailor. And for the props find an economic way for the materials and creative mind.

Rae: What about your costume took the most time to make? (Including timeframe)
MJ: depend on the props. But for now Maka Albarn took 1 month and until now it’s incomplete.

Rae: How do you feel about getting recognized as a cosplayer?
MJ: happy cause friends support me.

Rae: Did you imagine you would receive as much attention as you have for your hobby?
MJ: Nope.

Rae: How does your family feel about cosplay?
MJ: i think nothing..^_^..but still they support me

Rae: What about friends and family? Have they ever engaged in any costume/cosplay events?
MJ: family??hmmm..nope..

Rae: If you had it to do it all over again, would you still be a cosplayer?
MJ: Yes!

Rae: Have you joined group cosplaying before? Which do you prefer - individual or group cosplay?

MJ: yup i already joined.. i prefer both..

Rae: Have you ever joined a cosplay competition? How was the experience?
MJ: yup.. i dont expect to win..i just want my character to be recognize..

Rae: What's your dream cosplay?
MJ: to cosplay my favorite characters with my man.

Rae: Do you have a cosplay story -- happy story, horror story, uplifting, artistic story -- you can share with our readers?
MJ: At first I start with nothing. But Friends always appear in different way and time. You will realize someday " do we be friends?"And remember the time you laugh and do crazy things.

Rae: How do you see Filipino Cosplay 5 years from now?
MJ: A well renowned passion

Rae: Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into the cosplay scene?
MJ: Never be discouraged but always remember to look out what fits in you.pursue if you like something and be sure it is worthy. And never forget to thank GOD for being who you are.

MJ on her school uniform (on the left). She really has a simple but stunning beauty that no one can resist.

Mary Jane is one cosplayer I really admire. She’s both beautiful and passionate about her craft. Despite her busy schedule as a 3rd year architecture student she still managed to be in the cosplay scene and pull out a really great cosplay. :)