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Male Cosplayer of the Month (January)

Name: Cedric Caezar R. Era
Age: 13
Bday: July 30, 1997
Nickname / Cosplay Codename: Naruto Ced, Cedric Uzumaki
Cosplaying since: November 2010
Cosplayed Characters: Naruto Uzumaki
Cosplay Plans: Anbu Kakashi,Naruto Akatsuki (etc.)
Message to all cosplayers: more power to us guys..WE COSPLAY TO EXPRESS NOT TO IMPRESS! love 2 cosplay!!
Message to those who want to cosplay: kung gusto nyong mg-cosplay pwedeng-pwede nman eh!! d nman mahalaga ung mamahaling costume, ang mahalaga kung san lang ung kaya nyo..wla nmang mayaman o mahirap d2 eh!! lahat pantay-pantay :3
On being CNPH's Cosplayer of the Month: Happy..:D domo arigato sa lahat ng mga nag votes....


Male Cosplayer of the Month (February)

Jalec believes in the saying “Keep Moving Forward”, as a cosplayer it helps him overcome whatever criticism he gets through other people. It’s like being positive even though people around you are negatively speaking about you. I got to be able to interview the Cloud Strife of the Filipino Cosplay Community.

Rae: Who/what are you in real life?
Jalec: A Student, Gamer, Manga and Anime Enthusiast,

Rae: What name(s) do you do cosplay under?
Jalec: I still use my nickname Jalec

Rae: What does cosplay mean to you?
Jalec: To me Cosplay means costume play portraying a Character that you want to.

Rae: Why do you cosplay?

Jalec: Because I feel that I could be that character that i want to.

Rae: How long have you been doing cosplay?
Jalec: 4 years.

Rae: How did you get interested in it?
Jalec: curiosity and the time that i really want to portray that character.

Rae: What conventions do you go to?
Jalec: K-pop Conventions,Anime and Cosplay Conventions

Rae: What's attractive to you about these conventions?
Jalec: The thing that attracts me is that a convention is a place that I I belong with other people who also shares the same interest as I do.

Rae: What is your favorite character to cosplay?  Or these characters if more than one?
Jalec: Sasuke Uchiha and Cloud Strife [insert picture of her in her Sasuke and Clud Strife Cos]

Rae: What inspired you to cosplay this character?  Or these characters if more than one?
Jalec: The thing that inspires me to cosplay that characters that I cosplayed. is because I could relate to the character's attitude and their story in some ways.

Rae: Why do you feel it is important to take your fondness for a character/ or series to so far?
Jalec: To me to take fondness to the character that you like to so far also helps in being "in character" as much as you could in your Cosplay.

Rae: What's the source (manga/anime/whatnot) of this character?  Or these characters if more than one?
Jalec: Anime.

Rae: Are you influenced by the game(s) you play?
Jalec: Yes!

Rae: What character or characters has been most challenging to cosplay?  Why?
Jalec:  To me Characters who belong in the Mecha Category and Characters who wield huge weapons. Because they are difficult to bring,wear,handle

Rae: Are you in any cosplay groups or clubs? Tell me about it.  How did you guys get started?
Jalec: Before I was with Tomasinotaku because my friends are also a part of that group/organization. Im not actually a member but I often hang out and go with them on events before.

Rae:  Could you tell us a little about how you make your costumes?
Jalec:  I don't make my costumes, I go to my friend's house and his mom makes them. and my friend makes the props.
Rae: What about your costume took the most time to make? (Including timeframe)
Jalec: It depends sometimes it reaches a week, sometimes even months. depending on how much time I need to prepare for that event or when Im going to use my costume.

Rae: Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into the cosplay scene?
Jalec: My advice is that have fun on what you do in cosplay when you begin cosplaying as long as it is a good thing.

He's a nice guy towards other cosplayer, he knows when to be humble and appreciates all the good comments that he received from his fans. I am personally wishing to be close to him and know more about this great cosplayer. :)