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~ Halloween Special ~

It’s that time of the year again where we all could dress up in our favorite costumes or goriest outfits! Halloween fast approaches and awakens most Cosplayers from their long ‘no-convention’ slumber. In preparation for Halloween, where old and young people alike rise from their graves towards the streets, we interviewed a few of our Cosplayer friends on how they plan to prepare/celebrate this ancient tradition and asked for some tips on how they prepare their costumes.

                 Kyle Akabane

Question: As  a Cosplayer, what do you do during Halloween?
    Well, I don’t dress up in costumes anymore like what I did when I was a kid but there was a Halloween party in my school recently so I took the chance and I cosplayed some characters from games and animated series.

Question: How do you prepare for your costumes and the event itself?
       I usually procrastinate a lot so I cram all my stuff the night before a convention (^▽^). Both costume and accessories and make up.

Question: Have you ever gone trick or treating/ will you still do it in your current age?
   Well, since I’m 17 years old now, I don’t do it anymore. BUT—In my family, it’s a yearly tradition for us to get a lot of candies for ourselves and our relatives.

Question: Any tips for those who want to try Cosplaying but feel like it’s too hard or they lack passion?
   My tip for the ones who want to cosplay are:
      Go ahead! 
(・∀・) “Cosplay is for everyone”. Cosplay isn’t defined by age, gender, color, or weight. So if you want to become the character you want to become--- Do it(^ω^). And also, Cosplaying has a process wherein it might seem hard at first (because you need to save lots of money and you need a lot of time) but gets easier once you start; It’s a transition! You’ll improve and improve and learn until you notice the improvement that happened to your Cosplay(☆∀☆).


  Charles Romel V. Lapus
Instagram: ch00rles_lapsss

Photo by: G u m i

Question: As  a Cosplayer, what do you do during Halloween/ how do you prepare your costume?
     I would go around, in costume, giving out candy. For the costume, I do research on what I’m going to Cosplay (try to be as accurate as possible) and I see if I fit the character I plan on Cosplaying. As a tip, search for the easiest way to make certain parts of the costume.

Question: Have you ever gone trick or treating/ will you still do it in your current age?
   Yes I have but that was four years ago though I’d still go if I’d find a neighborhood that would cater to the older ones.

Question: Would you ever cross-dress for Halloween?
   Haha! No, I wouldn’t want people to bleach their eyes out from the sight of me.

Question: Any tips for people who want to try Cosplaying?
 Cosplay someone you’re really into. Think practical when finding props or clothing so you won’t break the bank and as much as possible, keep the outfit as comfortable as possible.

·       Marciano C. Virola lll
Cosplay Shop:

Photo by: Brent Lawenko Calupas

Question: As  a Cosplayer, what do you do during Halloween?
     During Halloween, I’m usually busy with commissions. But when I have enough time, I make costumes for my younger brothers.

Question: How do you prepare for your costumes and the event itself?
      I  make a list, then I proceed to plan and prioritize.
     “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” –Benjamin Franklin.

       As a Cosplayer and shop owner, these are the words I personally go by. I make two lists when planning. For the first one, I simply categorize them under “things to buy” and things “to make”. After buying all the items I need, I then make a copy of “things to make” and expand it by writing every single step I need to do in order to finish the item. I write every single step I can think of so that every time I space out or finish a task I’ll only need to look at my step by step list to get started on another task immediately.

Question: Have you ever gone trick or treating/ will you still do it in your current age?
      Yes, I have gone trick or treating in mall events when I was in grade school and Yes, I’d love to go trick or treating at my current age (´v`). I’m still young to be honest.

Question: Any tips/ inspirational words for people who would want to Cosplay even if it isn’t Halloween?
      Don’t stop trying. Don’t be discouraged when the final outcome isn’t as close to what you have been visualizing. If you never stop trying, soon enough you’ll be on par with those you’ve been looking up to without even realizing it.

      Don’t stop learning. Accept that there’s no right or wrong when making something for cosplay. As long as it works, why not? Don’t limit yourself to the methods you’ve gotten used to. When you have time, don’t be afraid to try something new.

As this festive season continues, people from all around the world (Cosplayers or not) enjoy the time where we get to dress up and have a good scare. Here’s how the some of the students from iACADEMY celebrate their Halloween!

With loud rampant music, crimson red drinks, and an auditorium filled with people dressed in their best costumes, iACADEMY students party hard to what they called a “Mini Convention”. Personally, Cosplay and even dressing up in costumes  is just for the fun of it; making people smile, finding those who recognize the character, playing along to some roleplay requests (if there are any), and getting to be that character even if it’s just for a while can give you the power of feeling like you could do anything! Dressing up isn’t just to impress, it’s to have confidence in yourself and flat out enjoy what you do. Perfect or not--- Go rock that costume!

Photo by: ZJohn

Feel inspired to try out cosplaying next Halloween or saw a costume you’re willing to try making? Just remember to have fun and enjoy it! Don’t forget to leave a comment or message and tell us about your experience~ Happy Spoopy days everyone!